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The Long Course: 3 Months Calligraphic fundamentals in depth

This course covers foundations of calligraphy, roman-upper and lower-case letterforms, italic, introduction to materials and tools, project assignments. Taught by Ewan to the depth that it used be at Roehampton. Students are expected to complete up to two days home-work during the week. The course is suitable for beginners as well as those with considerable experience. The benefit of a course such as this comes from having a concentrated period of time devoted to growing one's calligraphic skills, the sustained programme of learning helps it bed down in your motor system and grow your imagination, skill and confidence. There are also a limited number of places for advanced students who may want to audit the course whilst working on their own projects.

The syllabus covered:
1. Roman Capitals, the historical background, an introduction to 'essential forms', geometric construction, pencil and monoline studies, spacing
2. Working with a pen and using lightweight roman capitals, monoline capitals in a text and simple designs 
3. Introducing weighting to capital letters, serifs, spacing again. Working with contrasting weights.
4. Continuation and completion of capital letter projects. Ink.
5. Introduction to Edward Johnston’s teaching of related form, geometric study of lower case roman forms, the principles of related form as seen in his 'foundationa'l hand studies. The historical development of lower-case forms
6. Analysing a historical manuscript, large weighted roman lower-case forms, the relationship between calligraphy and type design. Paper and how to handle it.
7. Upper and lower-case romans in combination, smaller scale writing, and introduction to the quill pen
8. On manuscript books, planning and making a small book. Introduction to vellum.
9. Continued work on books. An introduction to formal italic writing, its development and history
10. Flow and ease in writing, revision of Roman and compressed capitals.
11. Italic capitals, flourishing 
12. Project completion. Review and planning individual future learning.

January 13 through March 31, Mondays & Tuesdays - 10:00 am til 4:30 pm

12 weeks starting in early January and completing late March 2020. Two days a week instruction on Mondays and Tuesdays, from 10:00-4:30, plus some optional “field-trip” days.

£ 1400 - this class is designed for absolute beginners to advanced students. The variety of levels in this class has been one of it’s riches.

Class size limited to 8 people. 30% non-refundable deposit required by December 1st, 2019 to secure spot.

To register or for further information, contact:

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